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Motorola Solutions PM1500

Motorola PM1500 mobile two way radio Motorola PM1500 mobile two way radio


You’ll immediately be impressed with the way the PM1500 combines ruggedness and user-friendliness. The solid housing contributes to durability. The controls, display, and external speaker make for simple, effective operation in the toughest of environments.


  • Performance matters, and the PM1500 is designed for hard work that won’t take a toll on reliability.

  • Robust power. With 110 watts of power, the PM1500 is an excellent solution for long-range communications.

  • Users in public safety, utilities, and construction will find the PM1500 well-suited to the challenging conditions of their work.

  • Readable display. User-friendly icons enable easy viewing status, and a soft menu makes identifying features simple.

  • Users can view channel names and Caller ID, too.

  • Clear, crisp speaker. In loud situations, the 7.5 watt external speaker aids in delivering better communication quality.

  • Rugged design. Sturdy housing and controls were engineered and tested to assure performance under the most stringent conditions.

  • Easy-to-use controls and programming. The pushbutton on/off/volume knob and the programmable emergency button are easy to use.

  • The programmable feature buttons allow users access to up to 4 of their favorite features, or depending on their needs up to 19 of their favorite features
    when using the enhanced keypad microphone.

  • P25 Capable

PM1500 PDF Click on the PDF Icon to view and download a PM1500 brochure.



Motorola Solutions PM1200

Motorola PM1200 two way radio mobile

Keeping communities safe and keeping vital services flowing is a job where there’s no room for error. But today’s budgets don’t always have room for unlimited spending. So Motorola designed the PM1200™ Professional Series two-way mobile radio to provide government and commercial institutions with maximum value. The PM1200 offers local public safety, public works, utilities and transportation professionals a full range of easy-to-use features, with all the quality and reliability users expect from Motorola. Count on this dependable performer to provide clear, cost effective communication that meets the needs of hard-working professionals.
PM1200 PDF
Click on the PDF Icon to view and download a PM1200 brochure.

Motorola Solutions PM400
Motorola Solutions PM400 two way radio

Great care was taken in the design of the PM400 to ensure its ruggedness and reliability as well as its ease of use and functionality. The PM400 offers the most features and channels of any Motorola mobile in our Commercial Series and can be mounted in just about any vehicle. It also serves as an ideal desktop base station in the office or on the factory floor. The PM400 is ideal for many businesses and industries such as agriculture, hospitality, light construction, light industrial, manufacturing, public administration, delivery services, security, taxi and limousine services, transportation/fleet and utilities.

Conventional/LTR Signaling Features

• MDC1200 Emergency (Encode - Conventional Only)
• MDC1200 PTT ID (Numeric ID - Encode/Decode)
• MDC1200 Selective Radio Inhibit (Decode)
• MDC1200 Radio Check (Decode)
• Quik Call II™ Call Alert
(Encode/Decode - Conventional Only)
• Quik Call II™ Selective Call
(Encode/Decode - Conventional Only)
• DTMF PTT ID (Encode - Conventional Only)
• DTMF Call Alert (Encode - Conventional Only)
• DTMF Selective Call (Encode - Conventional Only)
Conventional/LTR Programmable Features

• 64 Conventional Channels
• System Scan
• 12.5/20/25 kHz
Switchable Channel Spacing
• Dual Priority Scan
(Conventional Only)
• 2 Memory Channels
(Conventional Only)
• Busy Channel Lockout
(Conventional Only)
• Option Board Expandability
• High/Low Power Settings
• Local/Distance Mode
• Time-Out Timer


Click on the PDF Icon to view and download a PM400 brochure.

Motorola Solutions CDM

Motorola Solutions CDM Series Mobile Two Way Radio

With CDM Series radios, you’ll enjoy exceptional quality and user friendly functionality.
Featuring Motorola’s X Pand™ audio enhancement technology and a large front projecting speaker, CDM Series radios ensure crisp, clear audio even in noisy locations or vehicles.

Customizable buttons can be programmed for quick access to your most frequently used features and MDC 1200 signaling provides a wide range of calling options.

The CDM Series is comprised of four two way mobile radios—so whether you need simple yet high performing functionality or a more complex communication solution, there is a CDM Series radio to meet your needs.
CDM Series PDF
Click on the PDF Icon to view and download a CDM Series brochure.

Motorola Solutions CM200/CM300
Motorola Solutions CM200 CM300 two way radio

Great care was taken in the design process of the CM200TM and CM300TM to ensure ruggedness and reliability, ease of use and functionality. Some things you'll notice about Motorola's CM mobiles: They feature large controls that are easy to grip or press even when wearing gloves. The powerful 4-watt speaker is forward-facing (instead of on top
of the radio) for superior clarity. Three color LED indicators (red, yellow, green) show visible feedback of transmit, scan and monitor status. The microphone and controls are located on the left, closest to driver for easy reach and bright visual indicators can be read at a glance. Both features that help drivers keep their eyes on the road.

The CM200 is a basic cost-effective solution and features a numeric display, 4 channels and 2 programmable buttons, while the CM300 is ideal for users who need increased functionality, or access to expanded features for a large workforce. This model features an 8-character, alphanumeric display, 32 channels and 4 programmable buttons.

Everything that goes in or on a Motorola radio is carefully considered, reviewed, designed, reviewed again and manufactured to extremely high-quality standards and these radios really show it.
CM 200/CM300 PDF
Click on the PDF Icon to view and download a CM200 CM300 Series brochure.

Motorola Solutions XTL Series

Motorola XTL 5000 Two Way radio

Motorola’s XTL Series Project 25 compliant mobile radios are tough and well suited for users in Police, Fire, EMS, State/Local/Federal Government agencies. Taking into consideration your work environment and various job responsibilities, this robust mobile radio will support the type of consistent, high quality communication you need.

The XTL Series digital mobile radio supports APCO Project 25 and is available in 136-174 MHz, 380-470MHz, 450-520 MHz 764-870 MHz frequency bands and supports the accessories common to the XTL platform.

The XTL Series digital mobile radio is specifically designed to meet the needs of your organization. When you want high performance, quality, and reliability in your daily communications, the XTL Series digital mobile radio is the radio of choice.

Click on the PDF Icon to view/download a XTL brochure.  XTL1500 PDF
XTL2500 XTL5000 PDF
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